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Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, DC JD | founder


Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, DC JD

Completed a law degree in 2013 and Licensed doctor of chiropractic for over 30 years, specializing in the correct diagnosis of spinal ligament injuries.

17 years in private practice treating over 5,000 new patients and delivering over a million spinal adjustments.

Traveled and lectured all over the country for Chiropractors, MDs, Lawyers, Insurance People, and more for more than a decade… presenting more times on this subject than anyone else on the planet.

Developed two national spinal ligament injury testing companies.

Current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spinal Kinetics, a leading medical company that performs spinal ligament injury testing.

Co-Developer and chief designer of CRMA (the spinal ligament injury testing system that is used by Spinal Kinetics’ board-certified medical radiologist to perform all of their studies.

Currently helping to develop the first AI application for a new personal injury testing procedure.

Published spinal ligament injury researcher, contributing to making the science in this area even stronger.

Developed the first online spinal ligament injury training program for doctors and lawyers.

Prolific writer on these topics, publishing for some of the most active and known online magazines and blogs that are in the US today, including Entrepreneur Online.

over 400 clients and counting

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