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SmartInjuryDoctors Staff Training


Generally, this is part of the SmartInjuryDoctors Lifetime Program. Therefore, it is not recommended that you purchase this course individually, but rather as a part of the entire lifetime membership. The information in this course builds upon, and is in reference to information that is supplied in other courses that are also included in the Lifetime Program. 

I have found that most if not all spinal injury centers do not truly understand how improving their staff around them will seriously improve their patients results, increase their internal referrals, reduce their compliance issues, improve their collections, and really lessen their work load.


A well trained staff could easily get you two to four new injury referrals a month. The ROI on training your staff is truly incredible.

Your staff are more of an asset than you ever realized if you will just train them.  Becoming more competent yourself is the first step in getting results.  Helping to make the people around you become more competent in their jobs can put your results on steroids.  People love, admire, and are forever grateful to those that improve their competency.

When an injury patient walks into your office, they should feel welcome.  They should feel secure that they are in the right place. That comes from building a  top notch team.

Understanding every key event and procedure in an injury patients journey to recovery in your clinic needs to be fully understood by everyone in your office.  Patients get information from the doctor while in the room. When the doctor leaves, they have questions that they forgot to ask the doctor, when they ask the staff and get easy to understand answers they KNOW they are in the right place.  Doctors, your staff spends way more time with your patients than you do.  It is not enough that you have achieved greater clarity and excitement on what makes you absolutely unique in the market, its important that they understand as well.

Now you can clearly train your staff to easily implement what you have learned in the SmartInjuryDoctors Doctor Training.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.

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