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SmartInjury Doctors Monthly Marketing

This program goes hand and hand with the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram® and it allows you to get ahead of the game.  Marketing is simple.  Marketing is how you are perceived in the market.  A marketing strategy is deciding how you want to be perceived in the market.  How do you want patients to perceive you, attorneys to perceive you, and issuers to perceive you?  That is called marketing.  Whatever that message, that perception is that you know patients, medical doctors, attorneys and insurers will want to do business with—that becomes your message. That becomes what you advertise whether you are doing it in person, on social media, radio, TV it doesn’t matter. 

Not sure what that message should be—we do as it is the same message that we helped you to establish in all of our materials.  Now you have internal office materials, fillable PDF flyers, hundreds of social media posts that include short videos with a unified message—your message.  Want to go out to attorneys, medical doctors, physicians assistants, or the public direct—there is a program for each and a message for each.

Every month we deliver new materials and new ways to use these materials in a monthly implementation call with the founder of this program Dr. Cronk. On that monthly call  you can now ask any questions about how you use these materials or any clinical implementation questions regarding the whole program.  This is essentially a marketing and a group coaching call all combined into one.  This is designed for the doctor to be on as well as their staff that helps them with marketing.

We have made this so easy and so affordable.  The program is valued at $4997.00 dollars but to make if very accessible and inexpensive we charge just $97.00 a month with no long term contract—stay as long as you like.  Most of our doctors stay with this program continuously as it is a shot in the arm every month.

The program is a stand alone program and is not combined in any other package.  The prerequisite for this programs success is minimally the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram®.  For Maximum results we recommend you have and are implementing the whole  SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingPackage®  which includes the doctors training, staff training and deposition mastery.