Black Friday Special 15% off from Mon Nov. 20th – Fri Nov. 24th

Black Friday Special 15% off from Mon Nov. 20th – Fri Nov. 24th

Master PI with Confidence!

How Much is Poor Documentation Costing You?

When it comes to documentation, it’s not just a financial deficit you’re creating. Your patient results can also be adversely affected.

Chiropractic Care Mastery

With over two decades of experience in spinal ligament injuries and over three decades in chiropractic care, Dr. Jeffrey Cronk DC, JD has confidently compiled the keys to successful documentation and understanding of spinal ligament injuries. These concise, yet impactful modules are designed to empower you to be the best provider you can be for your injury patient. This training includes:

• The Five Crucial Components You Need to Document in Every Patient Case.
• Impairment Rating Education
• Pre-Existing Conditions And What to Do With Them
• Mechanism of Injury: What is it? How to Explain it to an Attorney

Don’t wait to become a better doctor.

Improve your skills and efficacy today!

Client Success Stories

“Before using this program, I struggled to keep track of all the necessary documentation for personal injury cases. But now, everything is simplified and organized, allowing me to focus on providing the best care for my patients.” – Dr. Justin Dick

“Dr. Cronk helped me break down personal injury documentation very simply, specifically for dealing with attorneys,”

His team will hold your hand step by step to make it feel like it’s all easy-peasy. Thanks to this program, I can now take on personal injury cases with confidence, knowing that the documentation process is streamlined and efficient.”

I highly recommend this program to any physician or attorney struggling with complex documentation. With Dr. Cronk’s program, you’ll be able to manage your cases more effectively than ever before.” – Dr. Timonthy

and here’s more…

Simplified documentation, better clinical understanding of patient spinal injuries, and higher potential for better patient results.

What more could you want?


Easy to understand instructions for better injury documentation.

Simplified and impactful knowledge about spinal support ligament injuries.

Access to our exclusive community support.

Education on Impairment Ratings.


Black Friday Special 15% off from Mon Nov. 20th – Fri Nov. 24th

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