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  • Become the Leading Expert in Your Area on Spinal Ligament Injuries!
  • Increase the Average Patient Value by 5X!
  • Deliver Full Treatment Plans That Obtain Real Results for Your Patients!
  • Significantly Reduce Claim Rejections from Insurance Companies!
  • Train Your Staff on How to Support You in a Successful Spinal Injury Practice
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder with Marketing Tools That Fuel the Growth of Your Practice!
  • Earn Lucrative Disposition Income and Be the Undisputed Spinal Injury Expert in Any Courtroom!

SmartInjuryDoctors™ have superior understanding of spinal ligament injuries. They know how to objectively and accurately diagnose these injuries, including their severity and location. Early, accurate diagnosis is the key to getting optimal results with the patient, as well as providing the basic information that is needed in order for the patient to access benefits that they are entitled to, such as getting their recovery care fully paid. 

Only after an injury is fully and accurately diagnosed and understood, can optimal treatment results be achieved. Our doctors will be the most sought-after providers in the market because they truly understand these injuries and they get results, which reduces costs and makes the whole resolution process faster and more efficient.

SmartInjuryDoctors™ focus on outstanding patient documentation. Comprehensive documentation allows patients to get access to benefits that they may be entitled to. This allows everyone in the process of determining benefits and resolving claims, including insurance carriers and attorneys, to have a much easier and productive time doing so. 

Successful Personal Injury Work, Simplified.

Join one of the fastest growing movements in the Injury Market
— Results Based Injury Care!

Spinal soft tissue injuries are the number one cause of acute and chronic pain, emotional upset, short and long-term financial distress and physical disability.

For far too long these injuries have been misunderstood to be 'just' a soft-tissue injury. Patients that cannot get spinal ligament injuries properly addressed and rehabilitated stand a very good chance of suffering from chronic pain. 

As a SmartInjuryDoctor, you will have the ability to properly treat your patient by understanding the severity and the location of the patient's injuries and that comes from proper diagnosis. Nowhere is there a greater need for purpose driven doctors that have a strong desire to help!  

Doctor, are you willing to take charge of chronic pain in your community? If so click to get in now!


Included in the Program:

SmartInjuryDoctors' Staff Training

A truly trained staff adds magic to your clinic in two incredible ways.  First, as patients experience a whole new level of professionalism, you will see that they will get better results with you care.  Second, your staff and the atmosphere that you promote will generate more referrals.  Your staff is the best asset that you have and now you can invest even further for a huge return on investment.

Spinal Injury Deposition Mastery

This section is worth the price of the course period. No doctor wants to walk into court nervous or unprepared. No one wants to have questions posed that are difficult to answer or that make the doctor look unsure. If you have any fear of the deposition process or if you just want to do be a deposition Ninja, this course is for you.

SmartInjuryDoctors' Marketing

What in the world makes any injury doctor in the market today unique? When you look at the stats with spinal ligament injuries, the answer is nothing!! So what can make you unique? What can make you stand out from the crowd? What can you provide that everyone wants? That is what we show you in this course and then in this section we give you the marketing assets to get the message out in a very big way!

"If you haven't signed up for Dr. Cronk's site, you are wasting your time and money as a Chiropractor. Dr. Cronk gets it! It is the most complete and informative site out there. I am paying two additional consultants groups $200 plus per month, and Dr. Cronk’s site is way more effective with essential information than both of those others combined. If you watch, read and listen, you will understand Chiropractic to a Whole New Level. Auto Injury, Ligament Injury, and the Number 1 Health Care Cost of America, Clinical Instability is fully explained. It is also explained that Chiropractic is the solution. Chiropractors finally have all the research and Guidelines right at their hand. Get this site, no-matter how much it costs, if you are a Chiropractor. BJ Palmer would be a proud member. If you want success in Auto Injury and Chiropractic, this site is a must! Get it without hesitation, Get the Big Picture, and Succeed! P.C, DC "

"Since beginning Dr. Cronk's program I have increased over one new PI case per week, by referral, directly from using the materials and information to educate attorneys and patients. Attorney's are excited to learn that injuries leave a pattern. They are amazed that the exact location and severity of the injury can be determined and shown objectively. What are often called "only soft tissue injuries" are now able to be settled or litigated for the severity of the permanent ligament injury. Thank you Dr. Cronk, R. B. DC "

"Dr. Cronk, First of all, let me just say WOW!....they say "You don't know what you don't know" and I did not realize just how much I did not know. I have been a member for about 9 months and began seeing a return on my investment almost immediately. Our office started seeing more unrepresented 3rd party PI claims settle for full billed amounts. As I continue to learn this information and the process of working up our PI cases I am becoming increasingly confident in our ability to become the PI experts in our area. What I have learned is not only helping with PI cases, but also with health insurance patients and claims as well. We are looking forward to continued growth and expansion. Thumbs up Dr. Cronk!! Thank so much!! J.T. DC "

"I had a great time testifying in court a few weeks back. I've spent 12 years getting battered and bruised by opposing attorneys when I was called as an expert witness in auto accident cases. I often was made to feel like a second-class health care provider while explaining my care. Utilizing the spinal ligament injury assessment tools, I have learned … I simply explained the mechanism of the injuries the patient suffered. I gave simple analogies that the jury understood completely, AND I HAD A BLAST!! I can't wait to go to trial again. Have a great week. Sincerely, Dr. D.A., DC "

"The Program has significantly increased my confidence and competence level as a Chiropractor. Through CRMA Testing along with the weekly classes, I’ve increased the impact of what I am communicating to the patient as well as attorney’s and insurance adjusters, leading to better compliance from the patient, decreased attempts to “lower my bill” by attorneys, and less resistance and better reimbursement from insurance companies. As you already know, there is a lot of information to absorb. Yet, you’ve managed to compile it in such a way that is organized, simplified… The information provided is not “A” game changer …it is “THE” game changer for our profession especially, as well as a step in the right direction towards an ethical, unbiased, and a patient centered approach that leads to better patient outcomes … on clinical excellence and integrity! Thank you, A. T. DC "

"I have been associated with this profession for many years now and I have come to recognize the truly dedicated visionaries that share their knowledge and research to benefit the patient and the doctor are few. Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, DC, JD is one of these. He has brought together the techniques to discover the true needs of the patient and the tools to deliver the explanation of the need to the legal system. This enables the doctor to deliver the needed services with the needed explanation of why to treat. Thank you for being you! M.C. DC "

"Dr. Cronk's SmartInjury Program has given clarity and certainty to my personal injury cases. Following the steps of the program is as easy as following a flow chart and will answer all the questions insurance companies, attorneys and patients need to know - making you the personal injury authority. Thank you. T.Z. DC "

Is it really necessary to broadcast your marketing messages on a continuous basis within this specific area of specialty?

Absolutely... if you want to have a continuous stream of new patients!

You need marketing pieces that are not generic and are specialized for the injury market! Pieces that will give you an extreme amount local marketing exposure, designed by professionals that ALWAYS look great...

  • Do you want the freedom from being paralyzed trying to decide what is working and what is not? Would you enjoy a continuous supply of new marketing pieces that are done for you, look great, and work all on their own?
  • Do you want to save a significant amount of time and money by not having to build the pieces yourself and leaving it to the professionals?


  • Do you want to spend time every month with one of the top industry experts who shares with you exactly how they work? And who can guide you if it is not working?
  • Do you want to network with a community of like-minded Doctors to get your questions answered?

...If you answered yes to any of these questions, this easy-to-use program is for you!!!

For more information or assistance,
call Lee Ann at 1-800-940-6513, ext 700!


“The only way the profession of chiropractic will reduce its decline in market share is by standardizing its diagnostic procedures and nowhere is this more needed than in the spinal soft tissue injury market.”

Jeffrey A Cronk, DC JD
CEO Biocybernetics, Inc.
Founder of SmartInjuryHelp™  SmartInjuryDoctors™ and SmartInjuryLawyers™



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