The Unconventional Advantage:

personal injury doesn’t have to be hard!

We help doctors systematically attract more spinal injury patients into their practice.

Reclaim Your Purpose:

Thrive in a Profitable,

Ethical Practice

Doctors often feel they are wasting their lives away building or maintaining a practice that is stressful to operate- unable to achieve financial stability and financial success fast enough, unable to pay what it takes to attract and retain really good help and therefore can’t take any real time off or afford the ability to do so.

Many know that personal injury work is lucrative and a way out. However, many doctors see this market as a shady industry where they’ll be forced to compromise their professional integrity or work with bad attorneys. This perception leads doctors to feel stuck not knowing how to ethically involve themselves in the market.

Empower Your Journey:

That’s why we created the SmartInjuryDoctors Program

We empower doctors with ethical strategies to navigate the realm of PI work, unlocking the potential to thrive in a highly lucrative niche within the personal injury market.

This niche has virtually no competition. Through our simple clinical implementation and marketing procedures you’ll learn how to provide attorneys and insurers exactly what they need so that the best of these professionals will want to work with you. 

Everything you will learn is to make your PI work patient-centered and give your patients a much higher chance of full recovery. All the while enhancing your professional reputation, helping grow other areas of your practice, making your business recession-proof, and finally becoming financially free.

There are four basic pillars that provide the
foundation for PI growth.

We’ll show you how to implement a foundation that you will never stop using. The ROI  is off the charts!

Your Key to Success

Master the Art of Distinction

It is easier to grow if you have something unique to offer the market!

  • Little or No Competition
  • Less Work To Grow
  • Better Patient Results
  • Guideline Compliant Treatment
  • Simple Yet Powerful Documentation
  • Better Pay
  • More Referrals 
  • Better Professional Relationships
  • More Fun
  • Fewer Hassles
  • Little or No Competition
  • Less Work To Grow
  • Better Patient Results
  • Guideline Compliant Treatment
  • Simple Yet Powerful Documentation
  • Better Pay
  • More Referrals 
  • Better Professional Relationships
  • More Fun
  • Fewer Hassles
“Everyone else is telling you this is a hard market to break into. I’m telling you it is not!” – Dr. Cronk

Redefine Your Practice

Establish Powerful Assets and Cultivate Internal Referrals

Use procedures in your clinic that will help you to attract more unattached personal injury patients into your practice and have fun doing it.

Let your staff create an army of educated patients that will spread your message and work for FREE!
“There is a window of opportunity to take over this area of your local PI market and thrive with virtually no competition. Stop procrastinating and start having more fun”  – Dr. Cronk

Reinvent Your Practice’s Identity

Capture Market Attention and Forge Strong Professional Relationships

Most practices today suffer from too little attention in their local market. Both money and referrals follow attention. Let us show you how to get more attention with an effective systemized approach taking little time or effort.

  • Attorney appointment setting scripts & emails
  • Effective and Impactful attorney presentation
  • 100’s of social media images and videos
  • Patient education materials
  • Attorney/MD education materials
  • Clinic posters
  • Brochures for your front desk
  • and many more done for you and ready to use!

Break the Boundaries:

“Marketing materials are very time-consuming and expensive to produce. The one thing that you need is a lot of marketing materials that you can flood your local market with. We have that and a whole lot more” – Dr. Cronk

Ignite Your Referral Engine

Transforming Connections into Lucrative Referrals

Too many take time to plant the seeds but don’t do what it takes to harvest the crop. 

80% of your competition is not going to follow-up. Stay out in front with our simple follow-up procedures that save you time, money, and can potentially generate 6-7 figures of additional revenue.

Accelerate Your Growth

Weekly Coaching and Tailored One-on-One Goal Consultations

“The fastest way to success is to get mentorship from someone who has already achieved what you’re working towards” Dr. Jeffrey Cronk

At our program, we prioritize your success. That’s why we offer a personalized one-on-one goals consultation, tailoring our advice to help you achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time frame.

In addition, you’ll benefit from three months of intensive coaching with Jeffrey Cronk, DC, JD. Through our twice-a-week group coaching sessions, we fast-track your ability to obtain referrals, streamline clinical procedures, and attract new patients who are seeking quality care.

Ignite Your Practice’s Unparalleled Individuality

there is no scarcity in this market, why aren’t you getting more out of it?

Don’t take our word

Let Our Satisfied Clients Do the Talking…

Lead the Pack: Be the Unmatched #1 Preferred Office in Your Local Area

Due to overwhelming demand, we can only accommodate a limited number of Chiropractors. Secure your spot today and be at the forefront of success in personal injury industry.

Remember, the clock is ticking, and opportunities like this don’t come often.
Take action now and be prepared to serve a flood of new patients profitably.