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a prominent physician based in Boston

Meet Dr. Mathew Herba

Dr. Mathew Herba, a prominent physician based in Boston, had always been intrigued by the legal profession. However, as he had seen through his medical practice, personal injury cases were notoriously difficult to navigate due to the extensive documentation involved. That’s until he discovered Dr. Cronk and his innovative Smart Injury Doctors Program.

Dr. Herba excitedly shared, “This program is one of the very few programs that I’ve seen that if you want to find out how to make documentation, handle injury cases (or general Chiropractic cases), do your documentation better, and meet with attorneys while getting referral relationships built, can take all that complexity and make it very simple.”

After practicing medicine for over a decade, Dr. Herba was impressed by how Dr. Cronk’s program streamlined the legal documentation process. He exclaimed, “We’ve already met with three of the top personal injury attorneys in Bostonand they’re like, ‘holy cow’ It makes our work so much more efficient.”

When asked about his previous experiences with personal injury cases, Dr. Herba explained that he used to be hesitant to take them on due to the cumbersome documentation process. Now his life is easier “[Smart Injury Doctors] is amazing, it’s simple, and easy to use.”

Dr. Herba’s experience with Dr. Cronk’s program has been so positive that he now recommends it to all his colleagues in the medical field. “If you’re looking to make documentation easy, have your marketing handled, identify injuries, and help your patients, whether they’re injured or not, Dr. Cronk’s program definitely fits the bill for that.”

a chiropractor based in Charlotte, North Carolina

Meet Dr. Justin Dick

Dr. Justin Dick, a chiropractor based in Charlotte, North Carolina, had always been interested in personal injury cases. However, he found the documentation process to be a significant challenge until he discovered Dr. Cronk and his innovative program.

According to Dr. Dick, I’d like to thank Dr. Cronk’s program for helping me navigate through the personal injury realm. With this program, we can definitively diagnose and put a proper plan of action in place every time to correct that injury. And the best part is that every doctor can do this!

Dr. Dick’s experience with Dr. Cronk’s program has made it much easier for him to manage the documentation required in personal injury cases. “Before using this program, I struggled to keep track of all the necessary documentation for personal injury cases. But now, everything is simplified and organized, allowing me to focus on providing the best care for my patients.”

a chiropractor based in Lockport, Illinois

Meet Dr. Timothy Radcliff

Dr. Timothy, a chiropractor based in Lockport, Illinois, had a similar experience. Despite running a successful practice for over 30 years, he struggled with the documentation required for personal injury cases. However, after meeting with Dr. Cronk, everything changed.

“Dr. Cronk helped me break down personal injury documentation very simply, specifically for dealing with attorneys,” said Dr. Timothy. “His team will hold your hand step by step to make it feel like it’s all easy-peasy. Thanks to this program, I can now take on personal injury cases with confidence, knowing that the documentation process is streamlined and efficient.”

For Dr. Timothy, Dr. Cronk’s program has been a game-changer. “I highly recommend this program to any physician or attorney struggling with complex documentation. With Dr. Cronk’s program, you’ll be able to manage your cases more effectively than ever before.”

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“Dr. Cronk’s program made my PI work super easy. I highly recommend it!”

“I got 14 referrals in 6 weeks!”

“Huge shout out to SmartInjuryDoctors Program – I get to have a lot of free time!”

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