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Simplify Your Understanding

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The US Spinal Injury Market is Dominated with Poor Results – We Need BETTER Doctors
We Need the Education to Be Replaced With Understanding and Confusion to be Replaced with Competency
The Best Injury Doctors in the Market Need to Have Their Waiting Rooms Filled

This is Done in THREE Simple Steps’


Develop Your Staff

Market Your Message


Simplify Your Understanding – The Solution

The SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram®

Demystify your understanding of spinal ligament injuries and put any personal injury training that you have ever had in the past on steroids. This information empowers providers to the simplicities of a spinal ligament injury. No one cares about the mechanism, the forces and the physics behind these forces, while these things are interesting we care more about and put our actual attention the injuries themselves. How to accurately diagnose them. The best management for better treatment results. How to  document so that you can very simply navigate the medical legal system and give everyone what they want, patients, insurers and attorneys. We take complex subjects and make them simple, and we teach you to do the same.

We answer most if not all of the questions that you have in this area of practice. I know them well as I had them too.

The information is easy to access as it is online in short video segments that is logically organized to maximize your understanding. You can view or listen to them on your phone, iPad or computer 24/7.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.

Master the Art of Testifying SmartInjuryDoctors

Master the Art of Testifying

Depositions should be the easiest money you every make and they should be easy for the times that you have to do them.  Depositions and court testimony are a way of life for the busy injury practitioner.  One great deposition or court trial will start your reputation for being able to handle such events—good or bad.

In all of my programs I train doctors how to diagnose, manage and document in a way that everyone in the market needs often making it so that you are not required in deposition or trial.  However there are times when the at fault insurer wants to press such events, remember they need a job as well.  When these time arise you want this to be a easy stress free process.  You want this to be a situation where you become know to really be able to handle either deposition or trial testimony really well.

With the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram® under your belt and applied this becomes very easy to do.  Now you can easily answer questions and give answers that are not you opinion but rather objective facts and the agreed upon consensus around those facts.  You now don’t have to argue but just present what everyone agree with and is known.  No one can argue with what they agree with so the process becomes very easy.

But what about the plaintiff attorney?  Often they know so little about these injuries they do not know what to ask?  Don’t worry I have identified the simple questions that can hand to any plaintiff attorney to be asked by them to you in order to make any  deposition or trial go very well.

One great deposition or one great trial can really develop your attorney referral.   Some doctors think that being complicated or highly technical with your answers or dancing with professional opinions shows just how educated you are, but really it does not communicated well and often leads to less than desired results.

Replace complexity with simple and you will have a great result.  This program has a prerequisite of the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram® as this program is designed to compliment it.

This program is valued at $1997.00 but can be purchased for $497.00 directly or purchased with the savings of a package.  Either way it is worth every penny as it really makes this process easy.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.


I have found that most if not all spinal injury centers do not truly understand how improving their staff around them will seriously improve your patients results, increase your internal referrals, reduce your compliance issues, improve your collections and really lessen your work load.

A well trained staff could easily get you two to four new injury referrals a month. The ROI on training staff is incredible.

Your staff are more of an asset then you ever realized if you will just train them.  Becoming more competent your self is the first step in getting results.  Helping to make the people around you more competent in their jobs  can put those results on steroids.  People love, admire and are grateful forever to those that improve their competency.

When an injury patient walks into your office, they should feel welcome.  They should feel secure that they are in the right place and that comes from building a team.

Understanding every key event and procedure in a injury patients journey to recovery in your clinic needs to be fully understood by everyone in your office.  Patients get information from the doctor while in the room, when the doctor leaves, they get questions that they forgot to ask, when the ask any of the staff and get easy to understand answers they KNOW they are in the right place.  Doctors your staff spends way more time with your patients than you do.  It is not enough that you have achieved greater clarity and excitement on what makes you absolutely unique in the market, its important that they understand as well.

Now you can clearly train your staff to easily implement what you have learned in the Spinal Ligament Injury Expert course.

Get better treatment results, get more internal referrals, systemize your practice and train any new staff member easily.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.

Market Your Message!

Market Your Message! SmartInjuryDoctors

This program goes hand and hand with the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram® and it allows you to get ahead of the game.  Marketing is simple. Marketing is how you are perceived in the market. A marketing strategy is deciding how you want to be perceived in the market. How do you want patients to perceive you, attorneys to perceive you, and issuers to perceive you? That is called marketing. Whatever that message, that perception is that you know patients, medical doctors, attorneys and insurers will want to do business with—that becomes your message. That becomes what you advertise whether you are doing it in person, on social media, radio, TV it doesn’t matter. 

Not sure what that message should be—we do as it is the same message that we helped you to establish in all of our materials. Now you have internal office materials, fillable PDF flyers, hundreds of social media posts that include short videos with a unified message—your message. Want to go out to attorneys, medical doctors, physicians assistants, or the public direct—there is a program for each and a message for each.

Every month we deliver new materials and new ways to use these materials in a monthly implementation call with the founder of this program Dr. Cronk. On that monthly call  you can now ask any questions about how you use these materials or any clinical implementation questions regarding the whole program. This is essentially a marketing and a group coaching call all combined into one.  This is designed for the doctor to be on as well as their staff that helps them with marketing.


How Big Is the US Injury Market?

See What Others Are Saying About My Programs…

“Coming into the personal injury arena, I found that what I knew about spinal ligament injuries was far less than what I thought. Dr. Cronk has opened my eyes to the what I need to know and how to gain the information and knowledge to help my patients. My learning has just started. Thanks Dr. Cronk.”

Dr. David M. Jones, DC


“Dr Cronk had the information that the chiropractic profession can rally around. No matter your technique every chiropractor should understand the roll of ligament injuries with their patients.”

Dr. Jeff Woolston, DC

Good morning Dr. Cronk,

“I would like to say thank you for giving me the knowledge and certainty that I now have regarding what I am actually doing as a chiropractor. I have struggled for years because of this lack of certainty which I'm sure appeared as lack of confidence to my patients.  Although I have never been in court, I could see how I would have been destroyed based on what I used to do.  Since I have implemented this knowledge, it is very rare that I see an audit or IME while providing extensive course of care. My  patient retention has significantly increased as well.”

Dr. Brian Petrie, DC

“Dr. Cronk possesses and amazing amount of knowledge and hands on practical experience when it comes to teaching the importance of spinal ligament injuries. He is a excellent communicator and an engaging presenter. The information that he presents is research driven and evidenced based and he makes it applicable so that can use it as soon as you go back to the office.”

Dr. Larissa K. Woolston, DC

"Since beginning Dr. Cronk's program I have increased over one new PI case per week, by referral, directly from using the materials and information to educate attorneys and patients.

Attorney's are excited to learn that injuries leave a pattern. They are amazed that the exact location and severity of the injury can be determined and shown objectively. What are often called "only soft tissue injuries" are now able to be settled or litigated for the severity of the permanent ligament injury."

Thank you Dr. Cronk,

Dr. Ronald Benson, DC

“This is great material. I wish I would have had the information put together in this easy to understand format years and years ago. I have been practicing since 1994 and just now am beginning to understand how to accurately diagnose the extent of the patients injuries.”

Dr. F. Matt Hogle, DC

“Since becoming a SmartInjuryDoctor, my knowledge and confidence in the injury arena has grown tremendously in a very short time!  Dr. Cronk has assembled an incredible amount of information and presented it in A-Z fashion for doctors to merely plug and play!“

Dr. James Ramos, DC

“This information is directly applicable to my practice and will help me to improve as a treating doctor and increase my expertise in the Personal Injury Market. Additionally, if the techniques were universally used, the chiropractic profession would be elevated and garner greater respect in the medical field.”

Dr. Daniel Knight, DC

“Dr. Cronk has the ability to take you out of your complacency and make you realize there is so much more that you can be doing in your practice. I have been in practice 25+ Years and find it’s good to have someone like him come into your life and nudge you to be better; we can all be better and do more in our practice.”

Dr John Donohue, DC

Learn The Way SmartInjuryDoctors® Are Trained to Think

This podcast then is a series of programs that take an issue in the market today and simply breaks it down for better understanding and utilization. Most of our programs are under ten minutes and they are designed for busy on the go providers.

The SmartInjuryDoctors® Podcast is for doctors, lawyers, insurers, employers and patients that want to contribute to getting much better physical recovery results in the US Spinal Injury Market. We do this by helping to replace complexity with simplicity, confusion with competency in key areas of the current injury market. We publish twice a week. Welcome to our program.


WHAT IS SPINAL INSTABILITY? It’s the Key to Unlocking Your Business’s True Potential!
Understand the concept of Mechanism of Injury
Why an MRI Is Not the Best Ligament Injury Imaging Test

“Everything I do is to Change the INJURY MARKET to a RESULTS based MARKET where the BEST DOCTORS in the Market have a very easy time getting injury patients…”

– Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, DC JD

The Spinal Ligament Injury Market Needs Better Doctors

Spinal ligament injuries are the number one cause of acute (injury) and chronic (post injury) pain.  All of our education and experts of the past have not resulted in any real progress for these injuries.  The statistical outcomes are bleak with research now telling us “while the figures vary depending on the cohort studied, current data indicate that up to 50% of people who experience a whiplash injury will never fully recover and up to 30% will remain moderately to severely disabled by their condition.”   

The chronic pain that results from these injuries is at unsustainable epidemic levels in terms of lost quality of life and costs.  This means only one thing…there is more to know about these injuries.  As matter of fact the spinal ligament injury market is best described as the “blind leading the blind.” 

Medicine do not understand them and openly admits that they do not know how to standardly diagnosis them. 

Chiropractic stays very misaligned in its approach and therefore hard to understand.  The injury patient can go to ten different chiropractic centers and get ten different diagnoses to the level and area of injury. 

Too many experts of the past and expert’s of today are short sighted in their approach.  The focus of their education is using these injuries to show doctors how to justify and get paid for long and expensive treatment programs that often get less than optimal results.

Their focus is not on teaching how to standardly and objectively diagnose and manage these injuries so that they can get constituently great treatment results which lower the overall market costs.

Worse yet many experts today focus their education on showing their doctors how to use these injuries as a marketing tool to show plaintiff attorneys how to get higher settlements, and make more money so they will refer more patients. 

They sell their doctors that they need more extensive education to add to their curriculum vitae’s when really what they need is less education and more understanding, less confusion and more competency.

Doctors Make Documentation, Depositions and Court Trials Too Complicated

We’re doctors – we’re not strangers to adversarial depositions and court trials.

It’s the insurers and the attorney’s job to guarantee you the least pleasurable experience in court so they can end up with their desired result.

These people are trained to confuse you, belittle you, and discredit your claims.

And if you don’t prepare your plaintiff attorney the right way, you could be in for the emotional rollercoaster of your life.

You might believe that explaining in detailed technical terms will do you justice, but it won’t. If your attorney starts saying things in court the same way you explain things to your fellow doctors, two things will happen:

First, nobody will understand what’s being said (and confused people are the last thing you need in a court trial).

Second, you’re going to complicate the entire process which always leads to trouble.

What you need to do is learn how to simplify your message – even when it comes to depositions and court trials. This way, these usually stressful events will start feeling like a piece of cake.

We’ve created a system that will allow you to capture your entire understanding of spinal ligament injuries, and put it into words that even a 10-year-old could understand.


Stop all the Headaches—Train Your Staff

If you want to help a lot of people, you’re going to need help yourself.

Most doctors never really appreciate how valuable their staff is.

But let me tell you this – your staff is spending more time talking to your patients than you are.

Do you feel like your staff is well-prepared to handle any question your patient might have?

Do you feel like your staff is educated enough to tell the difference between injury care and chronic pain care?

Are you completely confident that your staff is dedicated to the well-being and rehabilitation of your patients, instead of just going to work for a paycheck?

If the answer to any of these question is no, you’re hurting your patients, your business, AND your team.

But If you train your staff, they become your business’ most powerful asset. They will bring in referrals, they will improve company morale, and they’ll make all your patients feel safe, secure, and welcome.

If you want your team to be caring and productive, you need to be a leader.

And to be a leader, you have to learn how to lead.

Stop Wasting Your Injury Practice Marketing Resources

When it comes to marketing for personal injury service providers, many practitioners have trouble finding their real marketing voice.  The voice that sets them apart from the crowd, makes their patients love them before even seeing them, and loudly displays their strengths and authority over their local market.

The biggest problem that you will have is that your are OBSCURE in the market!  Nobody knows who you are or what makes you unique from all of the other noise in the market!

Everyone is trying to follow the latest trends in advertising. But these trends are what everybody else is doing, so it really makes no sense when you’re trying to show that you’re different (and better) than your competitors.

Marketing is nothing more than how you are perceived in the market and in order to excel in any market you have got to have a very strong message which comes from know exactly what your market wants.

This is so easy to do today, yet so many doctors do not know how to do it and they really complicate the process, which of course yield poor results.

Cracking the code for personal injury marketing has already been done and is now available to you.

This injury market is way larger than you think it is and if is very underserved in your area.  Be the first to bring that SmartInjuryDoctors® to your local market.  Watch this video to see just how large this market really is!

Find Out What Other Doctors Are Saying About My Training Programs

“This class shattered the myth that MRI is the end-all-be-all for evaluation and diagnosis of soft tissue injuries. I learned the value of x-ray Flexion/Extension studies to evaluate spine ligament injuries, something which can’t be seen on MRI. Knowing this is paramount for the care of our patients.”

Jose Ventura, NMD

“I have been working with Dr. Cronk for a little while. Recently the light truly went on in my head for the necessity of objective testing to quantify and prove evidence of ligamentous injury and I decided to utilize his services much more frequently. I contacted several of the attorney's I have worked with in the past and have reached out to several new firms and the response and acceptance has been incredible. Dr. Cronk has performed webinars with several of these firms so far and it has brought in a funnel of over a dozen new cases over the past 2 weeks all with the attorneys wanting these studies performed. Our phone has been ringing this week and 3 more have scheduled on top of our other regular PI/WC cases just because of the implementation.”

Stephen D. Woods, D.C.

“With this information you can prove ligament damage and justify MRI studies and treatment that would have normally been considered unnecessary in low impact injury. Highly valuable information for both the doctors and the attorney to understand the true damage that the patient has endured.”

Dr. James Atkinson, DC

Dr. Cronk:

I wanted to write and thank you for you were presentation of "utilizing guidelines to document and drive your procedures" webinar.  It was very informative and useful on multiple counts.  Just the definition of guidelines being a finding of consensus and objective will put those that use them in a position of never having to defend their position.  They merely have to show that they accurately apply the guidelines in their diagnosis and treatment.

Mark Peller, DC

Talk about a game changer!

I’ve been using Dr Cronk’s protocols for a few years now and I can say with certainty that I’ve increased my entire bottom line by 33% ...just from increased injury settlements.

I now get paid close to or ALL of my fees DIRECTLY from the insurance carrier (when there is no attorney involved).

However, when there are attorneys involved, they are “always” pleasantly surprised by how much weight a “documented” spinal ligament injury holds regarding a settlement.

As a result, I’ve made permanent connections with some attorneys in my area as the “go to” doctor not only for patients referred to me for a case but, also, connections with “out of the area” attorneys who send their clients to me for a spinal ligament injury evaluation.

 What a feeling it is to know you have the upper hand in most cases regarding these specific injuries, leading to the respect we deserve (particularly as DCs) and fees that are paid without “hassle from the insurance carriers” ...they simply PAY YOUR FEES.

Allen Thomas DC


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