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You’re a great doctor. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.

You also a great doctor because you want to be a better doctor. Because you feel that you should be able to do more than treat symptoms. You should be able to really help your patients.

And if you can train your team to be better too, and grow your practice in the process, this would be a huge bonus.
Yes, we became doctors to heal, but we also have mortgages. We also need to feel good about what we do.

Are you with me so far? Good. Here’s what I have in mind.
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My name is Jeffrey A. Cronk DC JD, and I specialize in spinal ligament injuries. Just like you, I became a doctor so I can help people.

In my 30 years of practice, I’ve learned everything there is to know about the spinal ligament market. And let me tell you, the picture when it comes to great patient results isn’t looking pretty. The perception of the injury market and the care given needs a new look. With you and others like us, we can do this!

The spinal injury market is in an aching need for great doctors, and the statistics prove that. Today research tells us the 50% or more of patients that receive a spinal ligament injury are never going to fully recover the life that they had prior to their injury.

On top of the market’s demand for great practitioners, the medical industry in the 21st century is developing with gigantic moon steps. New approaches, medications, and technologies are always coming out, and most doctors just can’t keep up, YET none of those innovations have improved the results in this market.

I love being a doctor, but I decided to follow my goal of helping as many people as I can. I transitioned into training other practitioners on how to use these tools and technologies to help their patients return to their former selves – or at minimum, do as much as they possibly can to help them.

My mission now is to help you, the spinal injury doctor or chiropractor, improve your understanding of the spinal ligament injury market so you can grow your business and help as many of your patients live the most healthy, pain-free lifestyle they can.

To do this, I’ve created a training series on the topic, and I’ve compiled all pieces into a full-scale course for spinal injury doctors and chiropractors – The Smart Injury Doctors Training Package.

The US Spinal Injury Market is Dominated with Poor Result—We Need BETTER Doctors
We Need Education to Be Replaced With Understanding and Confusion to be Replaced with Competency
The Best Injury Doctors in the Market Need to Have Their Waiting Rooms Filled

We Accomplish through THREE Simple Steps

Simplify Your Understanding

We’ll help you develop a clearer, more straightforward understanding of spinal ligament injuries. You’ll find out how to diagnose them flawlessly, and how to deliver the results your patients want and need – pain-free rehabilitation. You’re also going to learn how to simplify handling legal and insurance procedures, as well as making the easiest money in your life by mastering the art of the perfect deposition. Simply put, we’ll help you crack the code on the entire spinal injury market.

Develop Your Staff

After you are trained, you’re going to learn how to train and improve your business’ most significant asset – your team. By providing them with your guidance and clear understanding, they’ll feel more confident and more competent every time an injury patient walks inside your office. Your staff will help you to get better patient results, less reimbursement problems and many more injury patient referrals.  They spend the most time talking to your patients, so you better train them. The ROI on a well-trained staff is incredible!

Market Your Message

By using our powerful marketing system with pre-made marketing messages, you’re going to take your spine injury practice to a new level. We help you to highlight the new benefits that you now bring to the market an more importantly we  help you to control that way your local market perceives you, all in the most cost effective ways possible. Your marketing should attract what you want and repel what you do not want. We want to make sure you’re filling up your waiting room with qualified injury patients, that value your approach so much that they would pay for the care with their own money if they had to.

You Can Purchase Our Programs in Packages and Save Money or Purchase Individually

Simplify Your Understanding – The Problem
Spinal ligament injuries are the number one cause of acute (injury) and chronic (post injury) pain. All of our education and experts of the past have not resulted in any real progress for these injuries. The statistical outcomes are bleak with research now telling us that 50% of these patients will never fully recover and 30% of those will be moderately to severely debilitated. Chronic pain results from these injuries is at unsustainable epidemic levels in terms of lost quality of life and costs. This means only one thing…there is more to know about these injuries. As matter of fact the spinal ligament injury market is best described as the “blind leading the blind.” Medicine do not understand them and openly admits that they do not know how to standardly diagnosis them. Chiropractic stay very misaligned in it approach and therefore hard to understand. The injury patient can go to ten different centers and get ten different diagnoses to the level and area of injury. Too many experts of the past and expert’s of today are short sighted in their approach. They focus their education, not on understanding these injures to produce better treatment results, but rather to train their doctors to use these injuries to justify long treatment programs, to justify lack of patient results, to justify and get paid for large treatment bills. They focus their education on showing their doctors how to use these injuries to show plaintiff attorneys how to get higher settlements, and make more money so they will refer more patients. They sell their doctors that they need more extensive education to add to their curriculum vitae’s when really what they need is less education and more understanding. Less confusion and more competency.

Simplify Your Understanding – The Solution

The SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram®

Demystify your understanding of spinal ligament injuries and put any personal injury training that you have ever had in the past on steroids.  This information empowers providers to the simplicities of a spinal ligament injury. No one cares about the mechanism, the forces and the physics behind these forces, while these things are interesting we care more about and put our actual attention the injuries themselves.  How to accurately diagnose them.  The best management for better treatment results.  How to  document so that you can very simply navigate the medical legal system and give everyone what they want, patients, insurers and attorneys.  We take complex subjects and make them simple, and we teach you to do the same.

We answer most if not all of the questions that you have in this area of practice.  I know them well as I had them too.

The information is easy to access as it is online in short video segments that is logically organized to maximize your understanding.  You can view or listen to them on your phone, iPad or computer 24/7.

I have made the cost to access very low as I want you to have this information with little financial impediment or risk.  You get everything in this program for $497.00 and you can save even more when purchase our information in a package.

However some may just want to take it one step at a time and that’s ok.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.

Simplify Your Understanding
Depositions and Court Testimony

Due to the nature of injury market doctors can often find themselves being asked to testify in adversarial depositions or court trials.  Once sworn in the doctor can now be questioned on practically anything and the insurance defense attorney is going to attempt to make your experience in court or deposition less than pleasurable, by trying to confuse, belittle, minimize and discredit your positions and opinions.

He or she is going to do so with techniques that are taught to do just that, and don’t worry cause the patients plaintiff attorney will usually help you very little as they do not fully understand what you are talking about

He is also going to attempt to get you to explain things in detailed technical terms so that no one in the room will understand them  

Due to lack of understanding on how to make these  procedures simple and effective, they become way more stress full and complicated than they need to be.  They become situations to avoid rather then situations to look forward to.

It simply does not have to be that way.  Injury depositions and trial testimony can and should be a easy part of any injury providers job and with success in this event can become a great source of referrals.

All you have to do it simply tell the truth and keep the truth very simple so even a 10 year old could understand it, but unfortunately most doctors do not know how to do that, so they over talk and complicate the process and run into trouble as a result of it.  It does not have to be that way

Simplify Your Understanding

Depositions and Court Testimony


Depositions should be the easiest money you every make and they should be easy for the times that you have to do them.  Depositions and court testimony are a way of life for the busy injury practitioner.  One great deposition or court trial will start your reputation for being able to handle such events—good or bad. 

In all of my programs I train doctors how to diagnose, manage and document in a way that everyone in the market needs often making it so that you are not required in deposition or trial.  However there are times when the at fault insurer wants to press such events, remember they need a job as well.  When these time arise you want this to be a easy stress free process.  You want this to be a situation where you become know to really be able to handle either deposition or trial testimony really well.

With the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram® under your belt and applied this becomes very easy to do.  Now you can easily answer questions and give answers that are not you opinion but rather objective facts and the agreed upon consensus around those facts.  You now don’t have to argue but just present what everyone agree with and is known.  No one can argue with what they agree with so the process becomes very easy.

But what about the plaintiff attorney?  Often they know so little about these injuries they do not know what to ask?  Don’t worry I have identified the simple questions that can hand to any plaintiff attorney to be asked by them to you in order to make any  deposition or trial go very well.

One great deposition or one great trial can really develop your attorney referral.   Some doctors think that being complicated or highly technical with your answers or dancing with professional opinions shows just how educated you are, but really it does not communicated well and often leads to less than desired results. 

Replace complexity with simple and you will have a great result.  This program has a prerequisite of the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram® as this program is designed to compliment it.

This program is $497.00 and can be purchased directly or purchased with the savings of a package.  Either way it is worth every penny as it really makes this process easy.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.

Develop Your Staff – Problem

Most doctors never really appreciate just how valuable their staff is.  While they fully appreciate the help that any staff member provides they generally have not realized just how much a fully trained staff member can go towards getting you better patient injury care compliance, better patient results, less reimbursement and documentation issues and best of all more new injury referrals.

Your staff are spending way more time talking to your patients than you are.  But what are they talking about?  If they are not trained on what makes you unique and how injury care is significantly different than chronic pain care, they will simply see acute injury care as more about the money, rather than the reality of what you are really offering the patient—a chance at seriously reducing their risk for long term complaints that never fully go away.

Injury care is different and most doctors completely fail to train there staff on how it is different and why.  They fail to educate them on why it is so important, and if your staff does not know neither do your patients. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and feeling like

Develop Your Staff – Solution SmartInjuryDoctorsStaffTrainingProgram®

I have found that most if not all spinal injury centers do not truly understand how improving their staff around them will seriously improve your patients results, increase your internal referrals, reduce your compliance issues, improve your collections and really lessen your work load.

A well trained staff could easily get you two to four new injury referrals a month.  The ROI on training staff is incredible.

Your staff are more of an asset then you ever realized if you will just train them.  Becoming more competent your self is the first step in getting results.  Helping to make the people around you more competent in their jobs  can put those results on steroids.  People love, admire and are grateful forever to those that improve their competency.

When an injury patient walks into your office, they should feel welcome.  They should feel secure that they are in the right place and that comes from building a team. 

Understanding every key event and procedure in a injury patients journey to recovery in your clinic needs to be fully understood by everyone in your office.  Patients get information from the doctor while in the room, when the doctor leaves, they get questions that they forgot to ask, when the ask any of the staff and get easy to understand answers they KNOW they are in the right place.  Doctors your staff spends way more time with your patients than you do.  It is not enough that you have achieved greater clarity and excitement on what makes you absolutely unique in the market, its important that they understand as well.

Now you can clearly train your staff to easily implement what you have learned in the Spinal Ligament Injury Expert course.

Get better treatment results, get more internal referrals, systemize your practice and train any new staff member easily.

The cost of this program is $497.00.  The Prerequisite for the program in the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram®.  There are savings to be had when purchased in a package.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.


Market Your Message – Problem

The problem that most providers have that are trying to crack into the marketing side for personal injury patients is that they are not even sure what marketing really is and why it works.  They do not understand that marketing and advertising are completely different, but they are not sure how they are different so their marketing is often wasted in infective means that can be very expensive.

Advertising is very expensive and they do not want to waste their money on poor programs that produce little results and drain there resources.

Everyone one is trying to get a jump on the latest trends and legal means of advertising. Exploring everything from telemarketing to the latest trends in Facebook and social media advertising, yet no one seems to have cracked the code simply because they do not understand what marketing actually is and how and why it can be so effective.  They do not understand that marketing and a marketing plan for growing a solid injury practice goes hand and hand and is inherent with your success.  You cannot separate one from the other so you had better understand the basics of what marketing really is and promote the heck out of your practice.

Combine and Save SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingPackage®

“ipsa scientia potestas est” (‘knowledge itself is power’) Sir Francis Bacon.

For the doctors that wants to save money with our programs we have a package.  This package includes the SmartInjuryDoctorsTrainingProgram®, the SmartInjuryDoctorsStaffTrainingProgram® and the SmartinjuryDoctorsDepositionMasteryProgram® all for $997.00 saving you $497.00.

A liability is anything that takes money out of your pocket. The big mistake that poor and middle class people make, according to Kiyosaki, is spending their lives buying liabilities instead of assets. He teaches that if you want to be rich you simply need to spend your life buying assets. Robert Kiyosaki


These materials are assets that will continue to provide for you and for years to come.

All our programs have FREE upgrades for life and all of our programs allow you to become part of a group of like minded clinics in our dedicated closed Facebook User Group.