Today what I want to talk about is commitment. Commitment is huge. If you decide you want to engage in a personal injury practice, and to me, it’s the most purpose-driven practice that you can have, whether you’re a doctor of chiropractic, a doctor of osteopathy, a medical doctor, a doctor of physical therapy. It does not matter. Injury patients need the best doctors in the market. They don’t need to go to average doctors, they need to be willing and able to find best doctors in the market, and the reason why they need the best doctors in the market is because they’re at such high risk for long term residual complaints. There is not an injury patient in the market today that should not be going to the top 20% of any profession. So, if they are going to choose chiropractic, they’d better choose the top 20% because their risk for long term residual complaints is quite high. And today, with the markets the way that they are and the future of the markets, those are the doctors that are going to be identified as those that should be matched with that injury patient. Those are going to be the doctors that are busy.

So, what does commitment mean? Well, it means dedication, it means application. Dedication and application. Dedication to learning. Never stopping learning. That is one dedication that every injury doctor should have. Dedication to better diagnostic technique, dedication to better diagnostic understanding to be able to determine the location and severity of any injury the patient has. Dedication on that. And in application. How do you apply that? Application of examination techniques. Application of examination techniques for simple spinal instability workups. But the other thing that a smart injury doctor does is he takes a course of action or a course of study, and then he studies it with high devotion. That means he is not studying anything else now. The best providers should be almost solely dedicated to bettering themselves and bettering their ability to deliver injury services. The injury patient does not deserve anything less than that.

Now, there are several trainers in the market. I know in my profession of chiropractic, there are different trainers. There are different personal injury trainers. Most of the time, the personal injury trainers are training you on either educating you for your CV to give you more advanced certifications, or they’re educating you on office procedures, or they’re educating you on diagnostic procedures. In the Smart Injury Doctors Program that I developed; we are doing it on one area. Spinal ligament injuries. We’re teaching the doctors how to better diagnose these, examine these, so that they don’t miss the injuries themselves, how to better treat and manage the patient for better results, and then how to document everything in a way that anyone involved, insurer, attorney, patient, anyone involved, has access to any benefits that that patient may be entitled to, so it’s very, very simple. Our program then also helps the doctor to train his staff and helps the doctor to then market the uniqueness of their clinic.

If you are going to go with any program, you need to dedicate yourself to that program. I see so many doctors will jump from program, to program, to program, and thinking that the pasture is always greener over here. This is what I do not know over here. This is what I do not know over here. So, they never really get the full benefit of the program that they are signed up with. Now, you miss out on that because you are not really committed. When you’re committed to a program, you want to study that program over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, and you want to get absolutely everything out of it that you possibly can before you go to the next program. And today, I see so many doctors will jump from program to program, they’ve done this training, they’ve done that training, they’ve done this training, they’ve done that training, and yet, when I ask them simple questions about this training, that training, or the other training, they really can’t answer them all that well.

So, if you are going to spend time and resources, then study it like you are going to become a professional with it, not a hobbyist with it. Do not take any program on as if it is a hobby if it is something that you casually enjoy doing. And some doctors that I have met quite frankly enjoy studying and they study, study, study, but they never apply. Remember, commitment is dedication to the study and enhancement of yourself in that area, but it is also in the dedication. So, the place that you most learn if you understand what is been taught is in the area of application because if you can’t apply it, there’s something you don’t know about it. If you cannot apply it, there is something that you do not know about it. And you must go back, and you must find out what that is. Or no matter who the group is, I know in the Smart Injury Doctors Program, we have a dedicated Facebook user group, so our doctors can come right into the Facebook user group and go type in a question, and then other doctors that are dedicated to applying this material will help those doctors to better understand the material so they, too, can apply it.

Being an injury doctor today is one of the most lucrative positions in the market today. And again, only the best doctors should be delivering injury services in my experience. Patients have too much to lose. Commitment is interesting. I heard a friend of mine say, “Hey, this is commitment.” When you are committed, let us say that you are married, so you are committed to your wife, or if you are a female, you’re committed to your husband. When you are committed to something, you do not look at something else. You don’t go straying and looking at other women or other men because then you’re getting the idea that, “Hey, maybe I can find something that’s better. Maybe the pasture is greener over here.” That is lack of commitment. Real commitment is devotion to the process or to the thing that you are studying or the thing that you are in a relationship with. That is real commitment. And the more committed you are, the better you are going to be in every aspect of your life. No matter what you do, you must do it with commitment because if you are not doing it with commitment, you are just doing it as more of a hobby. That is especially true in injury training.

If you are going to take advanced injury training like our SmartInjuryDoctors Training Program, then what you want to do is dedicate yourself and commit to becoming a better doctor. As a matter of fact, today,  I challenge you to commit to become the top injury doctor in your area. Commit to becoming part of the top 2% in your profession. Commit to being able to communicate as that top professional and contribute to the science, contribute to the bettering of techniques to get better outcomes. Contribute to that science and you will become a much better doctor. But the key is commitment. You have got to be committed. Now, if you are committed, you will not have any troubles with marketing. If you are committed, you will not have any problems with staffing. If you are committed, you will not have any problems with the insurers. If you are committed, you will not have any problem with yourself, your family will be taken care of better, you will be able to take care of them better because you are committed. So, commitment is a real key in the personal injury market today. It is the key to a doctor really expanding in his ability to be a great doctor.

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For information on spinal ligament testing by board certified medical radiologists go to www.thespinalkinetics.com


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