Market Your Way Through a Recession

The coronavirus is in full force. The United States stock market has dropped significantly, and people are in stun mode. The best thing that you can do is go into activity, while there is reducing and retracting, you want to expand.

One of the reasons why you want to expand your marketing is because it seriously helps people. It helps them to become more normalized, to see somebody who’s doing something, who is in action as if the future is bright.

When the economy or when the environment turns bleak, the brighter that you can become, the bigger the fire that you can build. Get your staff, get your clinic, get everybody on fire. The bigger the fire you’ll build, the more people will come to look at your fire, right?

In the injury world, marketing is defined as how  you are perceived in the injury market. The most sought out perception is as somebody who is incredibly good at getting injuries taken care of quickly.

That means you are great at diagnosing the injuries. And you are great at treating the injuries.

What I mean by treating the injuries is that the patient comes out after your care plan and they don’t have chronic pain.  They are incredibly stable. They don’t have any problems with their work. They don’t have any problems with any duty that they do under duress or any loss of enjoyment of life factors. They are in  great condition after your care. You have exceptional documentation. That’s what I mean by somebody who is really good.

You have got to market. The injury market is darn near recession-proof.Why would an injury practice be recession-proof? Because you’re not dealing with consumer money.

The patient doesn’t have to make a decision based on the ideas of  “Hey, we just lost our job,” or “Hey, our stocks just went down by half.” They are not looking at their own personal money.They are just looking at their own personal recovery. That is what makes the injury market such a beautiful market, especially in a recession. They are virtually recession-proof.

But right now, what you want to be doing today, when it looks bleak, is promoting, you want to be in activity. It will get everybody to start to notice you. Attorneys will notice you.  Medical doctors will notice you.

An example is in the heat of  an accident when everybody’s stunned, a doctor that can come in and start to direct people and say, “Okay, this is what you need to do. This is what you need to do.” They’re not worried about the money, they’re not worried about anything, they’re just starting to act in a very direct way in that environment. It snaps everybody out of it. That’s the way to snap out of a recession. You have got to promote and promote like crazy right now.

Does that have to be expensive? No, absolutely not. As a matter of fact, it can be incredibly easy to do and with minimal expense. I developed a Smart Injury Doctors’ program and we have around 150 videos that doctors can use to promote with. We have over a couple hundred posts that doctors can use to promote. We have blog writings that doctors can promote with. We have PowerPoints that they can do presentations with. We have presentations for medical doctors. Presentations for attorneys. Presentations for physician’s assistants. Presentations for the general public.

You have to promote, you have to be out there promoting, you have to be on the phones, setting up attorney meetings. Remember everybody else in the market is also going to be fearful that something is going to happen with their business. Now is the best time there is to start talking to attorneys. You get them in activity as well because they are worried about their businesses.

It’s the best time in the market right now to be promoting not to be retracting. Don’t go inward, go outward. Don’t introvert, extrovert. That is the biggest thing that you can do at this point in a down market.

So what would I be doing? In our clinic we’d be making calls out to attorneys, we’d be sending attorneys information, free reports, information that actually represents how I want to be perceived in the market. I’d also be doing the same thing to local medical doctors. That’s what I would be doing in this market right now. As far as with my staff, we’d be promoting like mad.

Now, right now you have a coronavirus issue, right? With the coronavirus issue, we have a downloadable file that just says, “Hey, we practice hand-washing, we’re wiping down our areas continuously , we’re wiping down the doors. We understand what we need to do as a clinic to stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

You want to be marketing out that you have solutions that make coming into your clinics an easy decision. Your patient can come into your clinics, and they can get your procedures done and it’s not a problem at all. Act as business is normal and then you want to promote like it’s not normal. You want to double or triple or quadruple your promotion efforts because, though it may seem a little bit hard right now, when the environment comes back, it’ll 5X, you’ll be much, much farther along.

Think of promotion when the environment is in turmoil as investing when the stock market is at its worst. When the stock market is at its worst, everybody’s taken their licks, Smart Money actually goes, “We’re all in.” And they go in. And as the market recovers, they do incredibly well.

Marketing in a downtime is the same, it operates just the same.  When everybody else is not thinking about marketing, that is the time to really market. That is the time to hyper escalate your marketing activities. That is what, you want to be doing in your injury practices right now.

You want to be increasing your communications out to your attorneys. “Hey, how are you guys doing? Love to have lunch with you, love to show you what we’re doing over at the clinic. Love to have you come on over to the clinic. “Hey, I just sent you a free report on MRI and how there’s problems with MRI”. “Hey, I just sent you over a free report that shows what most doctors are doing that kill insurance benefits because their documentation is so poor.”

You want to be sending over materials on what is the latest research in a particular area or an item that’s relevant to them because, the more that you open up and the more that you market, the more that they’ll realize, “Wow, you actually are a leader. When everybody else is in ‘I don’t know what to do mode’, you’re in action. That’s exactly where you want to be right now, today, in this market where it is so much in turmoil right now.

People are afraid, people are scared, they are not sure what to do.  They are looking for leadership and leaders will go into action always. This is the best time that I can think of to market for your injury practice.

Doctors, I just wanted to put this out as a very short piece on what you should be doing right now, today, to expand your injury practice in this weird market that we have right now and this weird economy where the coronavirus has damaged things so badly. You want to be going into hyper extroversion, not introversion. If you do, the results will pay off significantly for you.

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