Medical Radiologists Can Provide Objective Impairment Findings

Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (CRMA) is a procedure that our Board Certified Medical Radiologists perform which brings motion analysis to static x-rays. Our Radiologists can now provide this motion analysis in order to accurately quantify Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity (AOMSI), AMA Permanent Impairment Guides 5th Edition Page 378-379. With CRMA technology these Specialized X-Rays (Called Dynamic Stress X-rays) reveal some of the most serious impairments found in spinal injuries today. For example in the cervical spine the CRMA is a process of measuring these injuries in two aspects, first in TRANSLATION (back and forth slippage) which should not exceed 3.5mm and second, ANGULATION (anterior wedging) which should not be greater than 11° that are being performed on neutral/flexion/extension standard X-Rays. Measurements exceeding these values are considered permanent injuries as establish by AMA and DRE table 15-5. CRMA procedure captures, measures and quantifies the intervertebral motion in stress x-rays that is due to ligament sub-failure injuries that produces a significant condition called ligament laxity (728.4). These often serious spinal injuries are detected as excessive translation and angulation patterns in the spinal motion units. The resultant spinal instabilities, can be permanent painful and progressive if left undiagnosed. CRMA procedures provided by trained professionals that are not involved in the treatment of the patient is a way that provides Unbiased, Objective, Accurate Quantification of these significant connective tissue injuries that are all too commonly missed. THIS OBJECTIVE QUANTIFICATION IS A KEY FACTOR IN SPINAL INJURY CASES. Spinal Ligament Damage: Ligament damage to the spine is demonstrated by abnormal translation and angular patterns of the spinal motion units. These serious injuries are accurately measured and then correlated directly to the AMA Guides for AOMSI, (AMA 5th Edition Page 378-379). These unbiased objective services provided by highly trained Board Certified Medical Radiologist’s can quantify these spinal ligament injuries in the 4th, 5th or 6th edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. No one needs to miss these serious findings any more. For more information regarding these services simply go to www.spinal-kinetics.com  


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