What Is A Smart Injury Doctor?

What is this all about? What is this idea of a SmartInjuryDoctor? A smart injury doctor is an extremely effective injury doctor. Now what does that mean? It means they’re extremely effective at three things:

  • They’re extremely effective at the ability to diagnose the injuries that the patient has. They don’t miss injuries.
  • They can treat the injuries that they diagnose.
  • They can easily document everything about the injury and everything about the patient that is injured so that those who are in the benefits adjudication process such as insurers, attorneys, plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys can easily understand what benefits the patient should have access to.

That’s what a smart injury doctor is. They live, breathe, and die with respect to injury results. Everything they do is based on getting better, faster, more effective results for patients. They provide the services that they themselves would want to receive if they were injured.

SmartInjuryDoctors® are Different

These doctors often earn exceptionally good money, but they don’t promote how much money they make or how much money they make on an individual claim. Today in the injury market, there’s so many doctors that actually talk… All you hear about as a doctor is how much money they make, but you never hear anything about the results with the patients they treat.

SmartInjuryDoctors are different. While they may make a great deal of money, their primary focus and what their talking about is trying to understand, figure out, and improve on is all centered on patient results. That’s what a SmartInjuryDoctor is.

A SmartInjuryDoctor knows that their job is to reduce insurance and benefit costs, they are the best friend of the insurance industry. As a SmartInjuryDoctor, we know that insurers want patients accurately diagnosed with fast and effective treatments, eliminating long-term benefit needs. That’s what everyone in the market wants. That’s what patients want.

In the last 40 years, I’ve been in the injury market, specifically the spinal injury market.

It’s interesting to hear doctors and lawyers who are in the injury market always saying, “The patient is only interested in money. These people are interested in money. A person who’s injured is interested in money.”

I say, “Wow, that’s such a bad doctor’s point of view.”

It’s certainly not a smart injury doctor’s point of view. It’s a bad doctor’s point of view because what the doctor is saying is, “Look, the person has a ligament injury at the base of the neck and now they have migraine headaches.” So, if they were in some kind of an auto accident. They got a settlement. Let’s say they got $4000 in their pocket, but they have migraine headaches for the rest of their life.

Would you accept $4000, $5000, $50,000, or even $100,000 to have a condition that caused you to suffer migraine headaches for the rest of your life? No, of course not.

Whenever anyone is injured, what they’re looking for is a supremely confident and competent injury provider. That’s a SmartInjuryDoctor. Whether they’re medical providers, osteopaths, doctors of chiropractic, doctors of physical therapy. It doesn’t matter. They’re extremely confident and competent.

With Competence, Comes Confidence

Everything they do is geared toward better education. They’re willing to spend money on education. They’re willing to invest in themselves because they understand that when they educate and improve themselves, they’re actually affecting every patient they’re going to touch from that moment forward. Their job is to rehabilitate and change lives.

Let me give you an example, say a mother of three children comes in with a serious neck injury. She’s married, she has these three children, a SmartInjuryDoctor recognizes that you’re not just treating that woman.

You’re treating the whole family as well. If she cannot get rid of the migraine headaches, will it affect their relationships? Of course it would. Would it affect her ability to have relationships with her children? Yes, it could. So not only are you treating the person, you’re treating everything dynamically connected to that person. That’s what a SmartInjuryDoctor realizes.

Injury Care is Only Unsustainable Because it’s Ineffective

Right now, in the injury market, injury care is unsustainable because it’s ineffective.

The main reason why it’s so ineffective is because the primary doctors treating spinal injuries don’t even know what the injuries look like. For example, if a dog bites you, there’s obvious visible evidence of an injury. It’s very, very easy to understand.

In the dog bite market, let’s say that a doctor didn’t know what a dog bite looked like, they probably wouldn’t treat it all that well. The results of that treatment would not be that good. In the U.S. spinal injury market, the majority of doctors do not actually know. They can’t tell you exactly what these injuries look like. With proper education it’s not that hard. All injuries are nothing more than derangements. SmartInjuryDoctors know this. They know exactly how to diagnose the injuries and they use the best professionals around them.

SmartInjuryDoctors are smart because they don’t try to do everything or be everything to everybody.

They don’t try to do imaging and try to read the images all by themselves. When they need images, yes, maybe they take x-rays in their own clinics, but they have professionals interpret those images for them.

If they need an MRI, they send it out. They find the best MRI centers and work with the best professionals they can in their local area. If they need a CT scan, same thing. If they need a medical specialist, same thing.

They work to find the best doctors in their area. They network because they know they can’t do everything. Even more importantly, they don’t want to do everything because they know what they want. They want to be really good at the treatment of these injuries.

SmartInjuryDoctors are a new breed of injury doctor. One that is results oriented. Results are in the DNA of a smart injury doctor. They’re what patients should be looking for, insurers should be looking for, and employers especially should be looking for because work related injuries today have costs that are at unsustainable levels. Everyone in the market knows this.

It’s the smart injury doctors that should be getting all the patients possible. And yes, we need to create more SmartInjuryDoctors. Again, that SmartInjuryDoctor is in the front of the bell curve. They’re not an average doctor. They’re not striving to be average. They’re striving to be in front of that bell curve for in the area of injuries that they handle. Register for my next Webinar to discover more about becoming a SamrtInjuryDcotor!


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