What the Back and Neck Injury Market Needs Is Better Doctors

What I want to talk about in this article is what the injury market really needs. It needs better doctors. And it’s very, obvious that this is true by looking at the statistics in the injury market.

The statistics in the injury market are horrific.

I’ve been in this injury market for a long time, I’ve worked with a lot of different doctors. One of the things that’s so interesting to me, and it’s something that needs to change, is doctors are so proud of … Like if you take these, for example, in the back and neck injury area, doctors will proudly actually show statistics. I wrote a video called “Whiplash Statistics Don’t Lie.” And it’s on Spinal kinetics You Tube channel, and it goes through 41 studies that show the horrific results of anybody that suffers a spinal ligament injury in the fact that they have a significant risk to never, ever get out of the pain that they actually have as a result of these injuries. I don’t think anybody in the market disagrees with the fact that we need to have doctors who are a lot better at treating patients and getting results. We don’t need more doctors. We need smarter doctors.

We need doctors that can get results and we need that to be the primary focus …

The market for 2019 is starting to change and the market for 2020, 2021, 22, and beyond is going to be about results. Not about the money that doctors can make. Any doctor that can get great results in the injury market won’t have a problem earning money. Money’s not an issue. Anytime that you’re really good at what you do, and in the Smart Injury Doctors Program I say the smart injury doctors are doctors that are striving to be in the top 20 percent of their profession, so they are really good at what they do. Those doctors do not have a money issue. Those doctors aren’t the ones talking about the money that they make or the money that they can make. They’re talking about the results that they get. They’re constantly striving to look for better diagnostic procedures, better patient management procedures, and better treatment procedures that yield better results. They also can document in a way that allows everybody in the market to have a much easier time, because when you’re in the injury market, you’re in the medical-legal environment where documentation means everything. But if you look at the statistics today, the National Safety Council says that for every medically attended injury in the Workers’ Comp market today is a 42-thousand-dollar bill to the employer. So, injury care … all care, for that matter, but injury care which is a huge portion of the health care market, must start to focus on getting better results.

We want doctors to go out of business.

Now, when I say that, the great doctors will never go out of business. But bad doctors will. The injury market has allowed bad doctors to survive. Doctors that are just more interested in the patient as a dollar sign instead of the patient as someone that they get great results with. You can tell those doctors in the market, you can tell those consultants, you can tell those experts, because that’s what they’re talking about. They’re never talking about the results they get with the patient. They’re talking about:
  • how much they billed
  • how much they made
  • how much their attorney made
But they don’t ever talk about the devastation of the life. When an attorney and a doctor make a huge amount of money in injury care, it’s because the patient didn’t do well under care. It’s because the results of the patient were not good. Now some of them, in catastrophic injuries, everyone agrees, those are very difficult to deal with. Those are very difficult to deal with. In the back and neck injury market, not so much. So, there are too many doctors in the market today that are proud of the fact that they make attorneys money. Well, how do you make attorneys money? You make attorneys money by not getting good results with the patients. A doctor’s job in the injury market is to diagnose properly what the patient has. Full, accurately, completely, as well as you can. Treat the condition to a great result in a highly effective and efficient manner, and document in a such a way that everyone has a very easy time understanding exactly what you did. But results. The future market in the injury market is a results-based market. It’s a market that’s going to sane out, it’s going to start to call out bad doctors, bad procedures, bad equipment. And it’s going to start to go after good results. Anything that produces good results today in the injury market will thrive, especially in the new injury market that’s coming.

So, what we need today in the injury market is really simple:

We need great doctors; we need great injury doctors. SmartInjuryDoctors that can get great results with the patients. Those are the doctors that have high-purpose practices. Those are the doctors that look forward to getting up every morning and going to practice. I know when I was in private practice, we were very good at patient results. And I very much so looked forward to getting involved and getting in with the patients. Nothing else mattered. When I say it didn’t matter, yes, I was running a business, and yes I had to deal with staff and contracts and healthcare contracts and contracts for PPOs and HMOs and Medicare changes, and all the various things that you have to do in a private practice today to thrive and survive. My point is that I just absolutely love… The point that got me up in the morning, was working with the patients and getting the great results that changed lives.

Remember, as an injury doctor, when you have an injured person come in, they come in with a family.

Let’s say it’s a mother of four children and married, husband. Right? Big family. Well, when you are treating that patient, you’re also treating all the dynamic that goes with that patient. When you improve that, and you know you’re improving that, it’s an amazing practice. Injury practice is the most purpose-driven practice that you can have. It’s the most beautiful practice that you can have because of the effect that you have on the injured person’s lives. The biggest thing that’s needed in the market today are doctors that are highly effective at getting great injury results in a very cost-efficient, cost-effective, very shortened time manner. The better we can get at getting great end results, the better the doctors are. And that’s what we call Smart Injury Doctors. I also just want to remind all doctors in this program today, that a doctor’s job is to reduce patient benefit needs. Now this gets so confused in the market today, because I know as a person who has trained doctors and trained attorneys for a very long time, one of the worst questions that I would ever be asked by a doctor was:
  • ‘How do I show, or do I make patients’ attorneys’ money?’
  • ‘How do I increase settlements?’
I hated that question, just hated it. Still to this day, I do. Because good doctors don’t do that. Good doctors know, just like I knew, when I was in private practice, I knew that when you get great injury results, you are aligned with everyone in the market, which is exactly where you want to be.

You want to be aligned with everyone in the market.

What does the patient want? That’s exactly what the patient wants. What does the patient’s insurer want? That’s exactly what the patient’s insurer wants, they want great results in a short and cost-effective manner, as short as possible. What does the patient’s attorney want? They want the same thing. What do the defense attorneys for the insurance industry want? They want the same thing. So, when you are good at what you do with injury work, you are what everyone in the market needs, and you have a much easier time in private practice. Injury recovery results. I don’t mean monetary recovery. I mean physical recovery. Injury physical recovery results, and doctors that can get these results fast, efficient, and cost-effective, are the most sought-after doctors in the market. And doctors, I just wanted to say to those of you in the injury space, that’s what we’re all working towards, that’s what the Smart Injury Doctors program works towards, but I just wanted to do a simple program on that to remind everybody in the market that that’s truly what we’re after. For more information on Spinal Ligament Injuries please check us out at www.smartinjurydoctor.com or check out our SmartInjuryDoctors® Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play or Stitcher. For information on spinal ligament testing by board certified medical radiologists go to www.thespinalkinetics.com


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