My friend Grant Cardone taught me the three basics of money.

The first basic is get your money right.

That means, get your house in order, don’t overspend, don’t spend more than what you make.

The second basic is to learn to make a lot more money.

You learn to make a lot more money by getting highly competent at whatever it is that you’re going to do.

You want to become a professional in your area, not an amateur, an actual professional, and you want to get extremely good at it.

An extreme professional in injury work means that your diagnostic acumen is second to none.

You know how to diagnose and determine the severity and location of spinal injuries.

You know how to get great results and you do get great results

You know how to document in a very simple manner so that it is easy for everybody to understand exactly what the patient’s condition is so the patient has access to any benefits that he may be entitled to.

That’s being a highly competent injury doctor.

So my friend Grant Cardone says, “Get your money right. Learn how to make more money and then put your money in a place where you can’t lose it, where the money can make you more money.”

Those are the three things with money.

Now, where should you be putting your money right now?

Doctors that I’ve consulted with will conserve, save, always try to save their money.

The biggest place that you want to put your money while you’re getting your money right and while you’re learning how to make money is on your own education.

You have to invest money in yourself.

That is the place that is the highest return on investment for any doctor.

Think about it doctors, when you invest outside of your own practice, outside of yourself and your education and your enhancement, a lot of times these investments don’t pan out.

You’re always looking to make money here, make money there.

These attempts to make money are on things that are outside of your control instead of enhancing what is in your control.

One of the biggest things that you want to be spending money on is on your own education, your own enhancement.

You should be looking for things that can cut your learning curve.

In the injury market, look for somebody that has been in the injury market with huge success.

Someone that you’re going to work with, that you’re going to get behind, that you’re going to a seriously study what they have to offer.

Someone who spent years sorting it all out and offers to share that information with you to help you to be a professional success.

That is my Smart Injury Doctor Program.

I want you to join this group.  I have knowledge to share and I want you to have it. 

But I want those doctors that want to commit to seriously study this program.

And be willing to study it until he is an expert

You can get through the doctor part of the course easily in a day, but the information in it will change your career.

But I want the best of the best in the program. The doctor who goes through the course and then begins applying it.  The one who might want to go over it five, six, seven times, to re-educate, reapply, realize, “Oh wow,  I didn’t get all of it’s application the first time I read it,” and then apply more and more and more.

Someone who is doing this course as a professional.

When you  hire and work with a consultant, you apply their knowledge and techniques until it becomes a part of you and your practice. They are an expert and now you are too.

You need to be spending your money on education.

Choose an educator that can shorten your learning curve.

Stick with the professional who can change your career and make you the best in your area.

There are so many programs, so may doctors going from one program to the next to the next because  those programs don’t have all that is needed to change the way they practice. 

Education for themselves, their staff, marketing tools and mentorship. 

They come out of a program they dabble from one thing to the next thing, to the next thing, never becoming a pro in their area because if you become a pro in that area, then like my friend Grant Cardone says, “Get your money right, make more money,” when you become a pro in your area, it’s almost impossible not to make really good money.

If you’re in the top 2% of your profession for skill and ability, it’s impossible to not make a lot of money.

Is that worth investing in?

Are you worth investing in?


Instead of being an amateur and saying, “Hey, the grass is…”  Go Pro  

Make your grass the greenest grass there is by tending to you and your pasture.

Make it so that others are jumping into your pasture going, “Wow, that’s a green pasture. I’m going to give up my pasture to get in your pasture.”

Make it so that people want to come to work with you because your pasture is so green.

Get to the point where not only your pasture is green, but everyone that’s around you has a green pasture because yours is greener and greener and greener.

You will be creating a lot of money for yourself, your staff, your family.

Another thing that you will experience is you will also begin to create a lot more time for yourself.

First you have to expend money into your own education.

It’s really, really critical.

You the doctor are the best ROI.

You know your strengths and your weaknesses.  Strengthening what you are good at already, investing in that. That is where your power lies.

When you’re buying a service, you want to go to somebody that is at the top of their area.

For me, my strength is spinal ligament injuries, spinal ligament injury diagnostics.

It is working with radiologists, setting up systems.

Knowing how to determine the severity and location of a ligament injury.

Knowing the simple examination procedures that you clinically correlate with a ligament injury.

Knowing what all the guidelines are.

When I say all the guidelines, not every guideline written in the history of guidelines, just guidelines that are pertinent to spinal ligament injuries.

Knowing what the guidelines are for frequency and duration of treatment.

Knowing what the guidelines are for best practices and delivery of services for spinal ligament injuries.

I am a professional and I have made it my business to know and understand about Personal Injury Work 

That is why I am so confident that you can become a Smart Injury Doctor. I have done all the research and I am willing to share it with you.

I don’t spend my time on a person who read a book and now is explaining to me about how something works. You shouldn’t either

I go to the author of that book.

I want to get to the originator of these ideas, no matter what I’m working in.

For example, if I’m looking at marketing, I want to work with a top marketer. That is why I work with Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone is one of the top marketers in the world. He’s one of the top salespeople in the world. He is the best of the best in his particular area. That is why I want to work with him.  

Another example is I’m building an AI with a group that I consider to be a really top of the line group.

If I’m going to build something or I’m going to promote something, or I’m going to get involved with something, I’m looking for the top of the top.

To educate myself, to take out my learning curve. I don’t have time to waste and neither do you!

One of the key things I want to impart to you is that it’s okay to put yourself in a position to enhance yourself.

To spend the money on your own enhancement, to spend your money getting involved with people that are more advanced than you are. That’s where you want to be.  It is OK to do that.


Join our elite group. Become a Smart Injury Doctor today.

For more information on Spinal Ligament Injuries please check us out at http://www.smartinjurydoctor.comor check out our SmartInjuryDoctors® Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play or Stitcher.

For information on spinal ligament testing by board certified medical radiologists go to www.thespinalkinetics.com.


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