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SmartInjury Doctors Monthly Marketing

Your practice needs marketing pieces that are not generic and are specialized for the injury market! Pieces that will give you an extreme amount local marketing exposure, designed by professionals, that ALWAYS look great. These pieces are paired with a monthly implementation call that will give you the support and personalized guidance you need!

SmartInjuryDoctors Training Package

  • Become the Leading Expert in Your Area on Spinal Ligament Injuries!
  • Increase the Average Patient Value by 5X!
  • Deliver Full Treatment Plans That Obtain Real Results for Your Patients!
  • Significantly Reduce Claim Rejections from Insurance Companies!
  • Train Your Staff on How to Support You in a Successful Spinal Injury Practice
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder with Marketing Tools That Fuel the Growth of Your Practice!
  • Earn Lucrative Disposition Income and Be the Undisputed Spinal Injury Expert in Any Courtroom!

Educate Your Patient's Attorney

Soft tissue injuries are the number one cause of acute and chronic pain, emotional upset, short and long-term financial distress and physical disability. These are NOT ‘just soft tissue injuries’ that will disappear in a few weeks like the insurance companies claim. The biggest risk patients with these conditions can overcome is finding the RIGHT medico-legal team. An attorney that is thoroughly educated on their client’s condition is an intimidating contender for a defense attorney and the best advocate for an injured client to get the compensation that they deserve!
Take It A Step At A Time

SmartInjuryDoctors Training Program

SmartInjuryDoctors™ have superior understanding of the injuries themselves and how they are most objectively and accurately diagnosed, including both their severity and location. They focus on “stellar treatment results”, which is sadly lacking in the market today. Only after an injury is fully and accurately diagnosed and understood, can optimal treatment results be achieved.

SmartInjuryDoctors™ focus on outstanding patient documentation. Comprehensive and complete documentation allows patients to have and get access to any benefits that they may be entitled to.

SmartInjuryDoctors Staff Training

A truly trained staff adds magic to your clinic in two incredible ways. First, as patients experience a whole new level of professionalism, you will see that they will get better results with you care. Second, your staff and the atmosphere that you promote will generate more referrals. Your staff is the best asset that you have and now you can invest even further for a huge return on investment.

SmartInjuryDoctors Deposition Mastery

This section is worth every penny you invest! No doctor wants to walk into court nervous or unprepared. No one wants to have questions posed that are difficult to answer or that make the doctor look unsure. If you have any fear of the deposition process or if you just want to do be a deposition Ninja, this course is for you.

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